Associate Member PAC Drives

This is a very critical time for our industry.  We need involvement from
all our IBAT associate members as we tell the IBAT story and share the positive
community banking message with both state and federal legislators.

PAC dollars help us to elect men and women who understand community
banking and its role in the economic prosperity of Texas towns and
cities. We hope that you
recognize the benefits of this initiative, and will conduct a PAC Drive in your company.  Please take a moment to click on
the materials and references below, and seriously consider engaging your
employees and management team.

We are happy to help and suggest you call Mae Beth Palone at
800-749-4228 if you need any additional information or materials.

Comments & Questions

If you would like to comment on legislative topics or if you have
questions about this information please call our public affairs expert,
Mae Beth Palone at (800) 749-4228 or e-mail