Associate Member PAC Drives

We need your help!

As you may know, IBAT bank members conduct PAC drives in their banks each March to help raise funds for the IBAT PAC (Political Action Committee).  We had several associate members contribute during that time.  First American Payment Systems employees raised over $7,000.  Employees of Granville Financial Group raised over $1,000.  Your Council designated the month of May as IBAT Associate Member PAC Drive Month

This is a very critical time for the community banking industry and we can help share the positive community banking message with both state and federal legislators.

Your PAC dollars can help IBAT to elect men and women who understand community banking and its role in the economic prosperity of Texas towns and cities and ultimately, our livelihood. When community banks prosper, so do our businesses.

The Associate Member PAC Drive will run through May 31.  If this time isn’t convenient for you, you may hold your company’s PAC drive anytime.  PAC drive checks must be received by July 30th to be recognized at our annual convention. The Advisory Council suggests the following guidelines for company PAC drives:  

1-10 employees Raise at least $250
11-20 employees Raise at least $500
More than 20 employees Raise at least $1000




Please take a moment to peruse the materials and references below, and seriously consider engaging your employees in a PAC Drive. IBAT is happy to help with any additional assistance, and suggest you call Mae Beth Palone at 800-749-4228 if you need more information or materials.

As the only state banking association exclusively representing the interests of community bankers, IBAT has and will continue to be on the legislative and regulatory front lines. Your financial support of the IBAT PACs will help support this important industry.

Please consider getting involved in this important effort to keep community banking an integral player in the financial services marketplace.  Our future depends on it!

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