The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors

Attached is a short preview of the book as well as an order form.

IBAT members have a unique opportunity to be the first to own The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors.  We have teamed with former Banking Commissioner Cathy Ghiglieri, and Jewell Hoover, former District Deputy Comptroller for the Comptroller of the Currency.  

The book is a must read for all bank directors and officers who are confronting the challenges facing the banking industry today.  It offers best practices, insights into the "rules of thumb" used by regulators, and practical examples.  The book also provides a roadmap for directors on fulfilling their responsibilities as well as what problem banks should do to navigate the regulatory minefields.

Ms. Ghiglieri is President of Ghiglieri & Company, a bank consulting firm based in Austin, Texas which provides such services as director training, management and corporate governance studies, strategic planning, and compliance oversight for regulatory enforcement actions.  She is a member of IBAT's Education Foundation Board, an Advisory Board Member for the School of Management and Business at St. Edward's University, and a co-founder of The Bank Directors' College with Jewell Hoover.

Ms. Hoover is President of Hoover and Associates LLC, a bank consulting company located in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in director training, policy development, strategic planning and problem bank resolution.  Ms. Hoover spent her career at the OCC and retired as District Deputy Comptroller for the Western District.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of Fifth Third Bank and a member of the Board of Advisors of the University of North Carolina Center for Banking and Finance.

Cathy and Jewell will be will be available to sign books at our convention on Sunday, September 26; and on Monday, September 27, they will present a Lunch and Learn entitled “Making the Grade:  Do Your Directors Deserve an A+?”

Attached is a short preview of the book as well as an order form.

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