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WHAT:  The IBAT Associate Member Council - made up of long standing IBAT Associate Members - would like to help you get involved at TechMecca and provide tips for success working with IBAT member banks.  So please come early to join them for refreshments and an exchange of information on how to make the most of TechMecca and other IBAT events.


ABC Highlights Community Banker

IBAT's goal is to provide a diversity of opinions and viewpoints about national banking news.  Some news articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas.

By Chris Cuomo, Catherin Cole and Linh Tran, ABC News

With their high fees, foreclosures and the number of families left scrambling to keep their homes, these days banks are known more for taking than for giving.

Need Help Reaching Gen Y?

Did you know… that Baby Boomers are now outnumbered by “Millenials” or “Generation Y” (aged 18-33) in the marketplace?  The 2010 census found that there are 79.8 million members of Generation Y, versus the 78.5 million boomers.  

Gen Y thinks differently, works differently and communicates differently.  Do you think they might be looking to bank differently as well?  As hard as Gen Y is to understand, community banks must take them into consideration when developing new products and services.  

Your Social Media Communication Policy: Strategies to Protect Your Bank

Your Social Media Communication Policy: Strategies to Protect Your Bank


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