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We are pleased to announce that IBAT is launching a unique partnership program to continue building the public profile of Texas Community Banks.  Over the past year the Texas Tribune, a not-for-profit news organization, has become the most dynamic and reliable resource for Texas political news and information.  In the last month alone, the site has seen more than 800,000 unique visitors.  As a show of support, IBAT has stepped up to make a financial contribution to help underwrite the Tribune’s work.  In return we will receive banner ad placement on the site.

Sales Culture Summit

If you do nothing else in terms of sales this year, attend the Sales Culture Summit. Two years ago, I did. Now my bank is patterning its entire
sales culture around what I learned there. It helped me clarify what I
–as CEO- needed to do to develop and structure a practical, relationship
structure. It has energized my employees in ways I never expected. This
is not really about “selling,” it is about building long-term mutually

Community Banks & Social Media

IBAT's goal is to provide a diversity of opinions and viewpoints
about national banking news.  Some news articles do not necessarily
reflect the opinion of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas.

At the heart of the timeless holiday classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, after a generation of saving the community of Bedford Falls, Bailey Savings & Loan finds itself saved by the generosity of its own community.


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