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IBAT Career Day Tool Kit

It's nice to know that as school cranks up again this Fall you'll have some fresh new tools at your finger tips to tell the story of community banking.

No doubt, you, or someone in the bank will receive a call from your local school asking for a community banker to come to the schools upcoming Career Day Fair. For some schools, this happens in Fall; for some it's Winter; and for some it's Spring. No matter. You have access to some tools encouraging  kids to consider a career in community banking. You'll be ready.

High School Scholarships

The Brazos Valley Bankers Association [BBVA] is a regional
association for bankers living and working in the southeast region of
Texas, between Austin and Houston.  There are no geographic
restrictions, and all bankers are welcome.  However, most of the groups
meetings and activities take place in a central location like Brenham. 
The BVBA's primary goal is to create a closer relationship between all
the member bankers, both from a social and business standpoint.  The


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