New Proposed Rule


Last week, the CFPB issued a proposed rule to expand HMDA data reporting requirements. In addition to new data points specifically required by the Dodd-Frank Act, the proposal would require collection and reporting of several new data points and the inclusion of some loans not presently covered. Generally the proposal would increase the number of closed-end loans or reverse mortgages made in a year to trigger HMDA reporting from one to 25 in a year.

Debit Surcharge Update


Last week, the Texas Department of Banking notified 14 merchants that they are in violation of Texas law and must immediately cease imposing illegal surcharges on debit card purchases. The merchants were also instructed to provide refunds to customers who come into their restaurants and present evidence that they were forced to pay illegal surcharges on debit card purchases.

IBAT in Washington


Several bills of interest to community bankers are scheduled for mark up today in the House Financial Services Committee. H.R. 4042 requires federal banking regulators to study the impact of Basel III mortgage servicing rules on community banks, and delays any rule implementation until six months after the completion of the study. H.R. 5148 exempts “higher risk mortgages” (generally a closed end HPML that is not a QM) of $250,000 or less held in portfolio for at least three years from the more onerous appraisal standards.

Featured Resource


In response to requests from a number of members, IBAT’s regulatory compliance staff have developed a general brochure for banks to use with customers in determining which type of account to open. The purpose is to assure that customers understand the consequences of opening different types of multi-party accounts.

The brochure explains how each account type operates during life and what happens to the account upon the death of the accountholder, using language taken from statute.

Be More Involved...


The mission of the IBAT Leadership Division is building exceptional leaders through involvement.

The Leadership Division provides its members the opportunity to develop lifetime business relationships with the best and brightest people in community banking across the country. From networking with peers to political activism, members have the opportunity to help ensure the future of the Texas community banking industry.

We want community bankers involved in their respective regions. Make plans to attend the upcoming Leadership events:

Baker Market Update: July 28, 2014

One might have hoped that the passage of a week’s time would have brought the world a little peace and quiet. At a time normally occupied by consternation over the off-season misdeeds of our favorite college football players, the gravity of multiple geopolitical conflicts continues to dominate headlines and the attentions of market participants. This attention to non-financial event risk has, for the most part, taken precedence over the normal to-and-fro that is the common result of economic travail and policy nuance.


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