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Last week, IBAT filed a comment on the Texas Department of Banking’s proposal to limit the time for providing required information in corporate filings. As proposed, the rule would eliminate the automatic extension of time to submit additional information and the further extension for good cause, replacing these with an extension at the sole discretion of the commissioner.

IBAT Webinars


Did you know? IBAT, in conjunction with Financial Education, Inc., hosts close to 150 webinars a year. Webinars are a very economical way to train your staff for one low price. Everyone can sit in on the program with the use of a speakerphone and a computer, or access archived webinars on-demand.

Topics are broken up by category or by date and include:

Baker Market Update: July 21, 2014

Risk has a habit of coming at us from unforeseen sources at unexpected times in unpredictable ways. Thus the name. Financial markets were hit [Friday] with a double dose of capriciousness as events in both Europe and the Middle East sent jitters around the globe. Market observers watched as scared money did what it usually does; buy U.S. Treasuries. It was this edginess that drove the yield on the Benchmark Ten Year Treasury Note down to 2.44%, its lowest level since May 29. As recently as July 3, that issue was yielding 2.65%.


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