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Seeing Business Differently Award


TexasBank (Brownwood, Texas) received a Seeing Business Differently Award at CSI Customer Conference 2014. Each year, CSI’s Seeing Business Differently Awards highlight the ongoing efforts of those customers that are taking a unique, meaningful approach to maintaining success through a variety of strategies and tactics. Specifically, nominees are evaluated on a series of key areas, including:

Baker Market Update: Oct. 27, 2014

Here we are a week away from Halloween and many are still searching for just the right costume idea. Something novel. Something unusual. Something that’s scary and at the same time scarce. Like, say, inflation for instance. For the generation who trick-or-treated in the era prior to necessitating hermetically sealed treats, inflation is scary. For more recent generations, inflation is scarce. That point was reinforced this week as we learned that the Consumer Price Index on a year-over-year basis was unchanged last month and still stands at 1.7%.



Speaking on cybercrime trends at IBAT’s 40th Annual Convention, Jeff Multz, vice president of Dell SecureWorks, cautioned Texas bankers of new, more sophisticated tactics cybercriminals have employed to target bank employees and customers, particularly small business customers. They hack into bank accounts and target comptrollers, bookkeepers or other individuals within organizations with a goal of infecting their computers with malware to intercept online banking sessions.


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