Nuts and Bolts of Banking Summit

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    About the Summit

    Have you ever wondered why investors or customers prefer one type of financial institution over another? For that matter, have you wondered what the differences are? Then this summit is for you!

    This two-day program is designed to acquaint attendees with banks, the banking environment, and what banks do. You will understand how banking institutions are structured and regulated along with what banks do and how they do it.

    During the first day, you’ll learn about the banking industry by talking about:

    • The types of financial institutions…what makes them different and what makes them tick?
    • The regulatory agencies…what are the differences and which institutions does each agency regulate?
    • What banks do…what are the primary functions of banks including the deposit function, the payments function and the lending function?
    • Regulations…what are all of the regulations that banks must meet from the “10,000 foot level”?

    The second day, we’ll talk about you...and how you use your time including keeping that all important “balance oflife.” We’ll also discuss those pesky numbers…Too often, the careers of bankers and those who work with bankers do not advance because they do not understand the numbers. That is, they haven’t been given the opportunity to understand how a bank makes a profit and what they can do to influence profitability. “Demystifying” the numbers is an important part of this summit.

    You’ll understand what capital is and its role in controlling bank growth. You’ll have a better grasp of what assets are, how those drive the bank’s earnings and where the money comes from to invest in assets.

    And finally, you’ll understand what drives the earnings and how earnings are measured in terms of return on assets, net interest margin, non-interest income, overhead and efficiency.

    Who Should Attend? 

    Anyone wanting a complete banking overview – veteran bankers looking for a refresher course, new employees who need to learn the basics, and bank suppliers who could use a primer on how a bank works.

      Hotel Accommodations

      Attendees may call the Sheraton Gunter directly at 888- 999-2089 and ask for the IBAT Education Foundation – Nuts and Bolts of Banking rate of $145 single occupancy. Reservations should be made by March 6, 2012.

      Continuing Education

      This seminar will provide ten (10) hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s).


       Nuts and Bolts of Banking Summit Brochure

      Place: San Antonio, TX

      Sheraton Gunter Hotel
      205 E. Houston Street
      San Antonio, TX 78205

      Date: March 28-29, 2012

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