2012 Introduction to Lending Compliance

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“Compliance” is fundamental job knowledge for all financial institution personnel. The burden of comprehending the increasing list of federal regulations cannot be effectively placed on just one person or group of people.
Get the best information…first hand. Seminar instructors are highly experienced members of Professional Bank Services consulting staff. The seminar includes a separate, dedicated review of each “compliance” regulation affecting the lending process. Attendees learn when a regulation is applicable, the financial institution’s general responsibilities and how to utilize additional sources to deal with more complex situations or questions. Attendees also gain insight on how various regulations relate to each other and develop a clearer understanding of the regulatory framework.


  • Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z
  • RESPA/HUD’s Regulation X
  • HMDA/Regulation C
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act/FACT Act-Regulation V – including the new risk-based pricing notice
  • Flood Disaster Protection Act
  • Bank Sales of Insurance
  • Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B

Other Focal Points Include

  • Prohibitions on discriminatory lending activity
  • Spousal signature rules
  • What questions are permitted during the application process
  • Permissible uses of consumer reports
  • Coverage and disclosure requirements for flood insurance
  • Coverage, exemptions, and mortgage disclosure requirements of Truth-In-Lending
  • Right of Rescission
  • Section 32 (HOEPA transactions) and 35 mortgages (Higher Priced Mortgage Loans)
  • RESPA coverage exemptions and disclosures, including the Good Faith Estimate and HUD1/1A
  • Collection and reporting of HMDA data
  • Written and oral disclosures related to the sale of optional insurance
  • Coverage and disclosure rules for certain loans to service members and their dependents

Who Should Attend

This seminar is an overview of compliance responsibilities imposed by the major regulations in the lending area, particularly consumer compliance. It is designed to meet the needs of lending officers and loan administration personnel. It is taught at the basic level and is appropriate for those needing an introduction to lending compliance or more experienced personnel wanting a refresher course

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