2012 Texas Deposit Documentation

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What is the difference between "joint with rights of survivorship" and "tenants in common"? What is a revocable living trust and how do we document it? Do we really need a corporate resolution? How do we open accounts for minors?

Have you or someone at your institution asked these questions and others like them? If so, don't miss this seminar.

The focus is on the day the account is opened. It provides hard to get state law requirements for ownership and documentation. Attendees learn the "why" behind standard operating procedures. The program also covers CIP procedures and IRS Reporting compliance issues. The manual and the presentation suggest the procedures for standardizing the account opening process. The speaker uses "plain language" and "real-world" examples. Attendee participation is encouraged throughout the program.

What You Will Learn:

  • Account Opening Procedures
  • Taxpayer ID No. Documentation
  • Account Titles
  • Proper Documentation
  • Handling Requests for Change


Joequetta Jackson is a Consultant at PBS. Prior to joining the firm in 2004, Ms. Jackson served as a compliance examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in the Cincinnati branch. While at the Federal Reserve, Ms. Jackson also served as a Consumer Complaint liaison between consumers and state member banks. Ms. Jackson is a 2002 graduate of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Kentucky.

Who Should Attend

This is a comprehensive seminar developed for new accounts personnel, auditors, bookkeepers, operations officers and others who have responsibility for administering customer accounts. It is a fast-paced introduction for the new employee who needs an overview of deposit accounts and is designed to "tie everything together" for experienced personnel. No advance preparation is required.

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