Cluster Programs

What is an IBAT Cluster program? It's an educational format where all employees from numerous banks in a close geographic area are invited to participate in a live 2-hour evening workshop on a banking hot topic. Besides the excellent training they'll receive locally, the benefit for IBAT member banks is they can send an unlimited number of employees and board of directors for the flat rate of $890. (Non-IBAT investment is $1,090.) Some banks prefer to send a limited number of employees so we work with them on their investment dollars. Bankers also benefit from being able to attend at multiple locations offering the same program, within the same year, by choosing the unlimited attendance option.

"Everyone here at State National Bank enjoyed the training so much we were still buzzing about it the next day.  We like how you held your workshop, it had a down to earth feeling to it.  Even though, we were a group it felt as if you were talking one-on-one with each one of us.  You really help us understand the many aspects of the BSA / AML programs."  -Susann Minyard

“How is it I come every year & learn something new…even after all these years!” Bank Cashier – March 2015