Ways to Learn



IBAT provides educational training specific to community banking. Our goal is to meet the community banker needs with a variety of different delivery methods.

Compliance Seminars: In conjunction with Professional Bank Services (PBS), IBAT offers the best compliance training available. Programs on Deposit Compliance, HMDA, Lending Disclosure, Loan Compliance, and much more, are offered as well as Compliance Updates.

Management Seminars: In The Texas Independent Banker magazine we often publish articles about why management skills are so very necessary in today's high tech world. These programs, co-sponsored with the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), help your bank achieve the management training needed to compete in today's marketplace.

Summit Programs: These programs are intense one- and two-day programs on a variety of topics for all levels of bank employees. They are designed to give participants a thorough understanding on a given topic.


In conjunction with Financial Education, Inc., telephone/webcast seminars are a very economical way to train your staff because for one low price, everyone in the bank can sit in on the program with the use of a speakerphone and a computer.

Sep 18, 2014 Electronic Business Records: 7-Step Strategy for Effective & Compliant Record Management
Sep 23, 2014 Director Series: The Role of the Board in the Examination Process
Sep 24, 2014 Understanding Title Insurance Policies & Commitments
Sep 25, 2014 Are You Protecting Your SBA Guaranty?
Sep 30, 2014 Commercial Loan Grading: Methodology, Credit Risk & Examiner Perspective
Oct 7, 2014 Compliance & Legal Issues in Employee Screening: Pre-Hire & Post-Hire
Oct 8, 2014 Risk Management Series: Defining Risk Management Officer Expectations & Responsibilities
Oct 9, 2014 Your Depositor Has Died: Now What?
Oct 14, 2014 Everything You Need to Know About Regulation CC: Compliance, Placing Holds, Substitute Checks & Clearings
Oct 15, 2014 Recent Accounting Developments & Future Issues
Oct 16, 2014 Managing the Force-Placed Flood and Hazard Insurance Processes
Oct 21, 2014 Safe Deposit Boxes: Compliance, Legal Issues, Delinquencies & Death
Oct 22, 2014 How to Reduce IT Risk Assessment Time by 70% & Still Satisfy Examiners & Your Board
Oct 22, 2014 How to Reduce IT Risk Assessment Time by 70% & Still Satisfy Examiners & Your Board
Oct 23, 2014 Bank Lawyer Webinar Series: Levies, Garnishments, and Subpoenas
Oct 23, 2014 ACH Specialist Series: Conducting the 2014 ACH Audit
Oct 28, 2014 Social Media Update: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube
Oct 29, 2014 Required Compliance Series: Regulatory Compliance for Deposit Operations, Including BSA
Oct 30, 2014 Mobile Payments: What You Need to Know Now, What You Need to Do Next

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