Telephone Seminars

In conjunction with Financial Education, Inc., webinars are a very economical way to train your staff because for one low price, everyone in the bank can sit in on the program with the use of a speakerphone and a computer.

A list of all available webinars can be viewed here.

Feb 17, 2016 HVCRE Appraisal Review: Issues & Case Studies
Feb 18, 2016 Audit Compliance Series: Overseeing Bank Performance: The Role of Audit
Feb 23, 2016 Determining Cash Flow from Personal Tax Returns Part 1: Schedules A, B, C & D
Feb 24, 2016 SWACHA - Improving ACH Network Quality And Reducing Network Risk
Feb 24, 2016 Call Report Series: 2016 Call Report Update & Revisions
Feb 25, 2016 Understanding Personal Account Ownership & FDIC Rules
Mar 1, 2016 Telephone Consumer Protection Act: What You Need to Know About the New Requirements
Mar 2, 2016 How to Complete & File UCC-1 Financing Statements
Mar 3, 2016 Required Compliance for Commercial Loans Secured by Real Estate
Mar 8, 2016 Director Series: What Directors Should Know About CECL, ALLL & New Credit Impairment Standards
Mar 9, 2016 SWACHA: Handling ACH Exceptions & Returns
Mar 9, 2016 Post EMV Card Liability Shift: Managing & Mitigating Card-Not-Present Fraud
Mar 10, 2016 SBA Lending Update: Regulations, Trends & Overview of SBA One
Mar 14, 2016 Audit Compliance Series: Auditing for TRID Compliance: Safe Harbor Expires February 1, 2016
Mar 15, 2016 SWACHA: ACH 101 Primer for Frontline
Mar 15, 2016 Quarterly Emerging Leader Series: Developing Executive Presence Skills: Presentations, Poise & Professionalism
Mar 16, 2016 Determining Cash Flow from Personal Tax Returns Part 2: Schedules E & F
Mar 17, 2016 Flood Insurance Compliance Update & FAQs
Mar 22, 2016 Cyber Series: Outsourcing Tech Services: Regulations, Examiner Expectations & Actions for Vendor Management
Mar 29, 2016 Debt Collection Series: Your Customer Has Filed Bankruptcy, Now What?
Mar 30, 2016 Hot Topics in Social Media Strategies: Techniques & Trends for Community Banks
Apr 13, 2016 SWACHA : Government ACH - A Focus on Federal Government Payments
Apr 27, 2016 SWACHA: Government ACH Reclamations
Jul 28, 2016 SWACHA: The Buck Stops Where? BOD Oversight and Responsibility for ACH Risk
Aug 4, 2016 SWACHA: Ready or Not – Here it Comes! Counting Down to Same Day ACH