Salary, Benefits & Compensation Survey

For the past 23 years, the IBAT Community Bank Compensation Survey has been the “gold standard” for salary and benefit data.  It is the exclusive go-to resource for community bank CEOs grappling with compensation issues for bank personnel. IBAT’s Salary Survey is administered by Industry Insights, a leading survey research firm exclusively serving the research needs of trade and professional associations, dealer organizations and other affiliated groups since 1980.

Key Benefits of IBAT’s Salary Survey:

  • One data collection effort per year: July 1 – July 31, 2014
  • Submit data via online portal or print out to mail or fax to Industry Insights
  • Only the top 25 most essential job positions to reduce your time commitment
  • Consolidated data filtration parameters to yield larger data pools for more valuable customized comparison reporting
  • Comprehensive static report of survey results and online custom reporting tool for peer comparisons
  • NEW IN 2014: Targeted questions on bank employee benefits

Participation is key and the more banks that participate, the more valuable the reports become! As an additional IBAT member-only benefit, IBAT will provide a comprehensive report of the survey results for FREE exclusively to participating IBAT member banks!

Just for submitting the bank’s compensation data, IBAT member participants will receive:

  • FREE annual survey report by September 15, 2014
  • Discounted subscription pricing for accessing online custom reporting tool

Get started today! - Data Collection for 2014 begins July 1

How do I access the survey results?
Results for IBAT’s 2013 Salary Survey can be purchased according to the pricing schedule below, by contacting Christopher Williston at or 512-275-2208.

IBAT Salary Survey Pricing
  PDF Survey Report Online Custom Reporting Tool
IBAT Member Participant FREE $395
IBAT Member Non-Participant $875
Non-Member Participant $495
Non-Members Non-Participant $1,075

Take comfort in knowing that all compensation and organizational information is entered on a secure web site and encrypted during transmission. Industry Insights also abides by all Safe Harbor guidelines to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of your bank’s data.