What We Do

IBAT's Political Action Committees play an increasingly important role in providing campaign contributions to those candidates who understand and support our industry.  Don't sit on the sidelines. Do your part to keep independent community banking strong in Texas.

You can do this by participating in:

Annual Auction- Help raise funds for the IBAT political action committee (PAC) by donating to the PAC Auction, held annually at the IBAT convention. The IBAT PAC is exclusively dedicated to promoting the community banking industry. 

Best of 100 - Each year at the Annual Convention, we sell 100 "Best of 100" tickets for $100 each. Immediately before the Live Auction begins on September 29, 2014, we will draw one ticket from the 100 tickets sold. If we shout out your winning ticket, you will have the opportunity to select any item in the Live Auction to take home with you.

Bank PAC DrivesIBAT asks all members to conduct a Bank PAC Drive each year. The IBAT Leadership Division is making its long-range goal to see that each IBAT member bank conducts a PAC drive with its directors, officers and employees. 

Annual Bike Ride Join the growing group of IBAT members who love to meet the day prior to the IBAT Convention for a Bike Ride.