Legislative Letters Archive

Legislative Letters allow you to see how IBAT communicates with state and federal representatives to protect community banking. These legislative responses are sent to various legislators on behalf of our members. As a service to our members we make them available online.

Letter to Senators Cornyn and Cruz Seeking Support for S.2707 (DOL Overtime Final Rule)
IBAT Testifies in Support of H.R. 2789 and H.R. 3287 (The Committee of Ways and Means)
IBAT Comments on the DOD's Amendment of the Military Lending Act of 2006 (MLA)
IBAT Comments on H.B. 1683 - Notary Public Identification Number Assignment
Joint Trade Association Letter on TRID Hold Harmless
IBAT Comments on the Treatment of Reciprocal Deposits
Letter to U.S. House: Highway Spending Bill's Impact on Fed Dividends
Multi-Association Letter to Chairman Hensarling on TRID Implementation
Hensarling Asks for Fed Dividend Reduction Study
Patent Trolls Letter to Senator Cruz
Patent Trolls Letter to Senator Cornyn
Senate Letter to CFPB on Rural Definition Appeals
IBAT Comments on FCC's Petition Concerning Prior Express Consent Under TCPA 3.16.15
Multi-Association Comment Letter on Implementing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 02.02.15
IBAT Comments on FCC's Telephone Consumer Protection Act 12.08.14
IBAT Comments on DOD Proposal on Military Loans 11.24.14
IBAT Comments on CFPB Proposed Amendments to Integrated Disclosure Rules 10.31.14
IBAT Comments on FCA's proposed expansion of FCS Investments 10.14.14
ICBA Comments on CFPB's Regulation Z (Truth in Lending) Mortgage Requirements 10.16.14
Letter to TX Delegation on Ex-Im Reauthorization
State Coalition Letter on Regulatory Relief Bills - June 2014
Hensarling Letter to Regulators on Reputation Risk
Reg. Relief Bills Letter to Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions
Congressional Letter on Basel III Concerns for S Corp Banks
Letter to President Obama on Fed Board Nomination