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Tim Sullivan Joins AccuSource Solutions

AccuSource Solutions is proud to announce that Tim Sullivan has joined AccuSource and will serve as an Expense Management Specialist.   He has served community banks for over thirty years and will participate in IBAT’s Leadership Division.  

Tim joins the team headed by Mark Wood and Bill Saunders and looks forwards to working with community banks to reduce expenses through AccuSource’s Expense Management Program.

PULSE, Dell Secureworks Receive "Best of Show" Honors at TechMecca 2014

Attendees at TechMecca, the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) annual technology show that was recently held in Austin, bestowed “Best of Show” honors on PULSE and Dell SecureWorks for their seven-minute, live presentations given during the show. 

The prestigious “Best of Show” recognition was determined by popular vote of the 200 community bankers in attendance. PULSE and Dell SecureWorks received the greatest number of votes among thirteen presenting companies. Both companies presented during TechMecca’s interactive general sessions, which highlighted products and services of importance to community banks.

PULSE, a leading debit/ATM network and subsidiary of Discover Financial Services, presented its Discover Debit solution that provides convenience and security as well as leading fraud-prevention and data-security tools to help mitigate cardholders' exposure to debit card fraud. Dell SecureWorks featured its Incident Response and Digital Forensics practice, which provides rapid containment and eradication of cyber threats.

TechMecca is the largest regional financial services technology conference in the nation and is designed for community bankers to help meet their technology, customer service and marketing needs.

First Data: All for One and One for All, or What’s Wrong with this (Technology) Picture?

On August 29, 2005, a little wind and a whole lot of water swept over New Orleans and a large section of the Gulf Coast in the form of hurricane Katrina. Businesses along the coast and further inland were devastated for weeks, including banks. Within a year’s time, regulation was in place requiring new policies for Disaster Recovery and the term “Business Continuity” became prevalent. This singular event began a chain reaction of movement from in-house systems to outsourcing. The increased regulatory demand to have redundant capability had driven the cost and complexity of technology through the roof! Banks responded by signing large "Mega-Contracts"...  More

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