Magazine Feature

The Texas Independent Banker

By Ken Olan

The potential for innovation through improved employee collaboration and engagement, in my estimation, is one of the single most important opportunities we have as an industry.  Yet from the conversations I’ve had with bankers across the globe, we seem to struggle to make it happen with any pace.  And pace is exactly what we need in a world where remaining relevant as an industry becomes more challenging by the day.

But are we making this critical change vector more difficult than it really is?  Perhaps we are.

Compliance Guy: Get in the Game!

A compliance officer has a leadership responsibility in his or her bank and in the banking industry. This is a particularly important responsibility for compliance officers in community banks. With the recent regulatory changes already made and those being contemplated, it’s imperative for compliance officers to “get in the game” and have their voices heard. One way to do that is with comment letters.
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