Legal Ease: February 23, 2017


We have a mortgage loan in which our borrower had “sold” the home under a contract for deed to the people living in the house. No surprise in that this blew up and all three parties ended up with attorneys. We have now reached a settlement in which we will allow the people in the home to assume the loan. Do we need to provide the people assuming the loan with disclosures? 

Learn the answer here.


The TAILOR Act to promote tiered banking regulations was reintroduced by Sen. Mike Rounds and Rep. Scott Tipton. This legislation—known as the TAILOR Act of 2017—would require financial services agencies to tailor regulatory actions based on the business model and risk profile of financial institutions.

IBAT Webinars


Did you know? IBAT, in conjunction with Financial Education, Inc., hosts close to 150 webinars a year. Webinars are a very economical way to train your staff for one low price. Everyone can sit in on the program with the use of a speakerphone and a computer, or access archived webinars on-demand.

Topics are broken up by category or by date and include:


We are excited to announce the keynote speaker for IBAT's (new) FinTech Showcase (f.k.a. TechMecca)! Tony Brigmon, Southwest Airlines’ Former “Ambassador of Fun,” will join us on April 12, 2017 to kick off what we expect to be an incredible technology conference. 

Brigmon is a master storyteller. Each of his entertaining stories has a point, followed by a best practice and ending with an invitation to action. His FUNOMENAL™ CARE: Caring for Self, Internal Customers, and External Customers! will be just that. 

Baker Market Update: Feb. 21, 2017

It should be noted at the outset of today’s missive that Baker Market Updates do not disseminate fake news. Just the facts, ma’am!  Well, mostly just the facts.  And, it’s a fact that Janet Yellen gave her semi-annual Humphrey-Hawkins testimony to Congress this week. How many synonyms are there for “moderate”? A rhetorical question; more importantly, she sees enough strength in this moderately growing economy to support what sounds like her intention to gradually raise interest rates.


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