Early voting began last week and runs through March 2 with the primary election scheduled for Tuesday, March 6. If you haven’t made it out to vote yet, there’s still time. For polling locations and hours, check with your county clerk’s office. The Texas Secretary of State has a wide array of voting information available as well.

Baker Market Update: Jan. 12, 2018

Mark Twain once famously told a newspaperman that “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” This week, famed bond-fund manager Bill Gross proclaimed that the bull market in Treasury bonds was also dead and the time had come to short the market. Mr. Gross may have forgotten that he made a similar declaration way back in February of 2011. Back then, the Ten Year’s yield was about 3.50%. So, Billy, an obvious question comes to mind; how’d that work out for ya’?

Baker Market Update 11.27.17


While most Americans [spent Friday] working through the leftovers of Thursday’s bountiful repast, a few tortured souls worked through the leftovers of the last Fed meeting. The minutes of the November 1 enclave were released this week and quickly became an overnight mixed-message classic. It might even be that the souls enduring the most torture actually belong to the Committee members themselves.

Read more in the Baker Market Update.

HMDA Product Now Available


As community bankers prepare to meet expanded data collection requirements under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), we have heard from many compliance officers requesting resources to help ensure consistent and accurate data collation for reporting. 

In response to these requests, the Compliance Adviser team has developed tools to assist you with HMDA data collection for 2018. For $99 (members) or $149 (nonmember) you’ll receive:

Calling all Sub S Banks


With the U.S. House of Representatives expected to act on a tax reform bill this week, your VERY URGENT action is encouraged to express concerns on specific provisions affecting banks organized as S corporations.

IBAT members should call their members of the U.S. House of Representatives today with the following message:

IBAT Legislative Fund


Recently, we sent out a letter requesting support for our Legislative Fund. We are extremely appreciative of the generous responses thus far, and thank you for your support. 

As there have been some questions regarding the submission of contributions, we have developed a form to provide additional information. As always, thank you for your support of IBAT and our efforts to represent community banking.


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