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IBAT Comment Letter: FRS Potential Federal Reserve Actions to Support Interbank Settlement of Faster Payments DocID: FRS-2018-0351
IBAT Comment Letter: SBA-Express Loan Programs DocID: SBA-2018-0009
IBAT Comment Letter: Real Estate Appraisals DocID: OCC-2018-0038
IBAT Comments in the OCC's Regulatory Capital Treatment of HVCRE Exposures Proposed Rule
IBAT Comments on the OCC's Proposal to Reform the Current CRA Regulatory Framework
IBAT Comments on the FDIC's Rule Change Proposals to Section 29 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act
Comments on Proposed Regulations under Section 199A of the Internal Revenue Code
IBAT Comments on the Implementation and Transition of CECL (OCC)
IBAT Comments on FHFA's Affordable Housing Program Proposed Rule
IBAT Comments on Fed's Amendments to Regulation J
IBAT Comments on Fed Supervisory Expectations for Boards
IBAT Comments on Regulatory Agencies' Capital Rule Simplifications Proposal
IBAT Comments on CFPB's Request for Information on the Small Business Lending Market
IBAT Comments on CFPB's Proposal to Raise the HELOC Reporting Threshold
IBAT Comments on CFPB's HMDA (Reg C) Final Rule Corrections and Amendments
IBAT Submits Study on National Rate Cap to FDIC
IBAT Comments on Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B) Ethnicity and Race Information Collection
IBAT Comments on the OCC's Draft Manual Supplement Addressing the Evaluation of Fintech Applications
IBAT Comment on CFPB Rule Related to Consumer Access to Financial Records
Letter to Director Cordray on Mortgage Lending Officers (MLO) Testing Requirements
IBAT Comments on the FFIEC 051 Call Report Proposal 10.11.16
IBAT Comments on CFPB Small Dollar Loan Proposed Rule
IBAT Comments on Appraisals for Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans 8.4.16
IBAT Comments on Regulation P Amendment
Cordray Response Letter: CFPB's Interim Final Rule on Operations in Rural Areas Under Reg. Z