Associate Members - IBAT Five*Star Award

How to Participate

Since 2002, IBAT has honored our Associate Members with the IBAT Five*Star Award, recognizing those companies that routinely provide not just excellent service, but innovative solutions that help community banks grow faster, enhance profits, gain efficiency and SHINE through:
  • Service excellence that provides community banks with the support they can depend upon;
  • Human relationships based upon trust, respect and strong working relationships;
  • Integrity that meets the high standards banks have a right to expect from their trusted suppliers;
  • Never-ending commitment to the success of the community banking industry; and
  • Exceptional value for the products and services provided.

To qualify for the 2018 IBAT Five*Star Award, your company must earn enough engagement points by being involved in IBAT events throughout the prior year. In order to fully understand the process, please listen to IBAT Associate Member Engagement Points webinar. For 2017, qualifying engagement scores for Five*Star Associate Member status are (this is based on the top 10% of the scores in each membership tier listed and will vary by year):

  • Tier 1 - 10 or fewer employees
  • Tier 2 - 11 to 199 employees
  • Tier 3 - 200 or more employees
    The 2018 tier breakdown will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

The 2018 Five*Star Award honorees will be announced during General Session at the 33rd Annual Leadership Conference.

For more information, contact Darlene Revers at

2017 Five*Star Associate Members

The following Associate Members demonstrated tremendous support of the community banking industry through engagement in IBAT in 2016. As such, they will be celebrated as Five*Star Associate Members throughout the year. One company of each size will be selected as a Five*Star Award winner later this year. 

IBAT and the community banking industry thank:

200+ employees

Briggs & Veselka Co.
Deluxe/Deluxe Strategic Sourcing
Diebold Nixdorf
Fitech Payments
Glory Global Solutions
PULSE, a Discover Company

11-199 employees

Advantage Health Plans Trust
The Baker Group 
Bank Compensation Consulting
The Bankers Bank
ComCo Systems
Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford, LLP
Garland Heart Management Group

1-10 employees

Aporia Solutions
Catalyst Financial Company
Granville Group
Haltner HAI, LLC
J. Keith Hughey Company
Kennedy Sutherland, LLP

2017 Five*Star Award Winners

Tier 1   Tier 2   Tier 3

IBAT Five*Star Legends Award Winners

If a company receives the IBAT Five*Star Award 5 times, they will receive the coveted IBAT Five-Star Legends Award and are no longer eligible for this competition.

Our congratulations go out to the employees of the following Legends Award winners for their outstanding service and support of the Texas community banking industry.

2013 -  The Baker Group
2011 - Deluxe Financial Services
2007 - McCoy Myers & Associates