Bill Tracking

The IBAT Education Foundation has a strong program of work to promote financial literacy in Texas. As a Foundation, the organization does not lobby on a state or national level. However it does track  and disseminate information about legislation and regulation that pertains to financial literacy.


Bills filed for the 83rd Legislative Session:

HB 1589: The Department of Family and Protective Services shall require a foster care provider to provide or assist youth who are age 14 of older in obtaining experimental life-skills training to improve their transition to independent living. - Effective 9/1/2013

HB 2662:  Relating to requiring a personal financial literacy credit for high school programs. - Effective 6/14/2013

HB 362: Relating to the transfer of adult education and literacy programs from the Texas Education Agency to the Texas Workforce Commission. - Effective 9/11/2013

Bills filed for the 82nd Legislative Session:

SB 290 – Passed Effective 6/17/11 – Which requires financial literacy to be a part of all mathematics curriculum for Kindergarten through the Eighth grade was passed by the Senate Education Committee and has been recommended to be placed on the local/uncontested calendar. Its companion, HB 3232 - Passed Effective 6/17/11.

HB 2615 – Passed Effective 9/01/11 – Relating to the provision of information on financial literacy resources to the public.

HB 34 – Branch – Passed Effective 6/17/11 – Requires personal financial literacy curriculum to include instruction in methods of paying for college and other postsecondary education and training. Requires SBOE by January 2012 to include this requirement in the TEKS and to approve materials by August 2012. Requires districts by the 2013-14 school year to offer PFL in economics courses using SBOE-approved materials.

HB 492 – Passed Effective 9/1/05 – Personal finance Education in High School.

SB 851 – Passed Effective 06/17/2005 – Literacy Programs in Schools.