Career Day Resources

Career Day Fairs Made Easy With IBAT Tool Kit

It’s nice to know that as school cranks up, or winds down, there are some fresh new tools at your finger tips to tell the story of community banking.

No doubt, you, or someone in the bank will receive a call from your local school asking for a community banker to come to the schools upcoming Career Day Fair. For some schools, this happens in Fall; for some it's Winter; and for some it's Spring. No matter. You have access to some tools encouraging  kids to consider a career in community banking. You’ll be ready.

What Is the IBAT Career Day Tool Kit?
Simply, it is a series of power point handouts that give you talking points  about the job opportunities in working at a community bank. It begins with describing a community bank, how it makes money. It provides a snapshot of the work benefits, conditions and work day hours. It describes various banking  jobs, it suggests what a student can do now to prepare for a career in banking. What classes and part time work assignments would help build experience. It suggests the student interview some role models on how they became a community banker. And…it harps on work ethic.

What about age level?
We’ve created three different levels of PowerPoint handouts – for elementary, middle and high school. Using the fifth grade PowerPoint as the foundation, the middle and high school versions build on the job opportunities, job skills, and classroom preparation that might be expected. For example, the fifth grade level talks about tellers, new accounts officers, lending officers, and branch managers. The Eighth Grade and HS versions focus on bank technology, IT, ………

Is there a cost for the tool kit?
No. Thanks to the generosity of our production sponsor, PULSE EFT, the electronic tool kit is available to IBAT members free of charge. Nonmembers  may purchase the kit.

Can we customize the PowerPoint with our local bank logo?
Absolutely. IBAT members who subscribe to this free toolkit, will receive an electronic unlocked, customizable PowerPoint that can be branded with your logo, and you can add additional pages that are specific to your bank point of view. The locked PDF version will be available on the IBAT website for easy downloading.

How can we subscribe?
Simply fill out the link here and submit a request. You will receive the unlocked electronic files within 24 hours that you or your graphics department can amend with additional talking points, add logos, specific work benefits, etc.

Do we have to subscribe?
No, the tool kit is also available for your use on the IBAT website as a locked PDF. Only subscribers will receive the unlocked files to customize with their logos and added talking points. Click below for the PDF versions:

Who created the kit?
Special thanks go to a number of IBAT members who shared their methods for addressing career day requests. Members of the IBAT Foundation of Council of Champions acted as a sounding board as we fine tuned the project. The project was also vetted with a group of Austin teachers who recommended adding a glossary of terms, plus a matching word and definition game, and a word scramble of banking terms. The teachers also recommended that if possible, the students have access to these games before the career day.