Teaching Excellence in Financial Literacy Award

The Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) celebrates and recognizes outstanding teachers who have tackled the subject of financial education.

Why focus on teachers? IBAT Education Foundation is committed to promoting financial literacy throughout Texas. The IBAT Foundation’s mission is “building financially literate communities across Texas.” It all comes back to understanding the basics of savings and credit, knowing how to budget and knowing how to make informed choices and decisions. Teachers play a significant role in how students learn these basics. IBAT wants to recognize teachers' importance in conveying the basics of a financial education in an effective and fun manner. There is a prize - $1,000 cash award to three individuals who will be recognized by the Independent Bankers Association of Texas and local community bankers during ceremonies at their respective schools.

Nomination Process
In order to be considered for this award, individuals must be nominated by a member in good standing of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas. Nominees must answer the questions on the Teacher Application Form.

If you are a banker and would like to nominate a teacher in your community who has tackled the important topic of Financial Literacy this past year, they may submit a nomination form along with a letter of support for your nominee. 

For a listing of past winners, please click here.  

2016 Nominations

Nominate an outstanding teacher in your local community who has tackled the important topic of financial literacy in the classroom this past year. Your nominee should be an educator dedicated to promoting financial literacy in grades K-12 and teach in one of the following departments:
  • business education,
  • economics,
  • social studies,
  • math, or
  • other section.
To be considered, a teacher must be nominated by an IBAT community banker. There is a cash award of $1,000 for the winners. Click here for additional information and nominations packet.
Application deadline is April 29, 2016!