Texas Community Bank Salary and Compensation Survey

For the past 32 years, the IBAT Community Bank Salary and Compensation Survey has been the “gold standard” for salary and benefit data. It is the exclusive go-to resource for community bank CEOs grappling with compensation issues for bank personnel. IBAT’s Salary Survey is administered by Industry Insights, a leading survey research firm exclusively serving the research needs of trade and professional associations since 1980.

Key Benefits of IBAT’s 2020 Salary Survey:

  • Participating banks recieve the full salary survey report and online access to the custom reporting tool free of charge.
  • Expansive benefits section, including health insurance benefit trends.
  • The top 30 most essential job positions are included to reduce your time commitment.
  • Consolidated data filtration parameters to yield larger data pools for more valuable customized comparison reporting.
  • Comprehensive static report of survey results and online custom reporting tool for peer comparisons.
  • Targeted questions on bank employee benefits.

How do I complete the survey?
There are two easy ways to participate in IBAT's annual salary survey. 

  1. Online: Create an account at www.ibatsalarysurvey.com and click “participate” to complete the data form online.
  2. Fax or Mail: Download the data collection form here.

Data collection will remain open through August 7, with anticipated release of the survey results in mid-September.

IBAT Salary Survey Pricing
  PDF Survey Report Online Custom Reporting Tool
IBAT Member Participant FREE FREE
IBAT Member Non-Participant $450
Non-Members Non-Participant $650

Take comfort in knowing that all compensation and organizational information is entered on a secure website and encrypted during transmission. Industry Insights also abides by all Safe Harbor guidelines to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of your bank’s data.