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What's in it for Me?

  • Enhanced perspective of the importance of IBAT's legislative efforts in Austin and Washington and how best to communicate with elected officials.
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with elected officials and become more engaged in the legislative process.
  • Opportunities to learn the skills needed to be a respected, contributing officer able to handle increasing responsibility.
  • Access to a tremendous network of community bankers with a vast background of knowledge and experience that are willing to share it in a non-competitive environment.
  • Personal satisfaction in sharing the legacy of community banking.

Get Involved

Interest in becoming more involved in the Leadership Division?


Education Programs. Gain recognition in the banking community. Leadership Division members can serve on the Education Committee and define the education programs offered each year. Participation on this committee allows you to control the direction of independent bank training in Texas and Oklahoma.

Informative Publications. As a part of your membership you will receive all mailings addressed to IBAT's general membership. Most importantly, you will receive these IBAT publications.

  • The Texas Independent Banker, an award-winning monthly magazine dedicated to keeping you abreast of issues affecting community banks. If you are not familiar with The Texas Independent Banker magazine, you can click on the following link to access an order form for a copy of the magazine: Magazine Order Form, or if you wish to purchase additional annual subscriptions you can do so in our Store. The magazine is currently NOT available online - stay tuned for further developments on this.

  • Capitol Comments, a "hot topics" summary of legislative and regulatory concerns. This newsletter is published monthly and distributed to members via e-mail. If you missed an issue, go here: Capitol Comments.

  • Leadership in Action, Leadership Division members receive Leadership in Action, a weekly electronic publication featuring practical leadership, management and organziational growth strategies.
  • The White Paper Series, an in-depth, periodic research paper on important banking issues. Members receive one copy of each White Paper for FREE. If you wish to purchase additional copies you can do so in our Store.

Leadership Training. Leadership Division holds an annual conference each summer to enhance leadership skills. In addition, the Leadership Division allows you and your peers to network and trade ideas that will benefit you and your bank.

"Member-Only Pricing." Leadership Division members are encouraged to attend all of our quality training programs, including the annual convention. Every time you register for a seminar, you get a $20 discount.

Legislative. Learn how to address political and professional challenges. Members are encouraged to be a part of the loop that tracks legislation affecting independent bankers and the banking industry. The Division has raised over $100,000 per year for the IBAT-PAC through its annual fund raising events. Members are often asked to deliver crucial testimony and distribute PAC funds.

Good Times. During the IBAT annual convention, the Leadership Division hosts the PAC Golf Tournament, which raises more than $20,000 in PAC monies each year. Also held during the convention is the PAC auction, which brings in at least $60,000. Both events are staffed by Leadership Division members.