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Michael J. Rehm - Jefferson Bank


How true these words are to me.  As parents we allow our kids to go certain places and do certain things because of who they will be with.  At an early age I figured this out and as a young banker at Jefferson Bank, I was mentored and taught that the people I kept company with professionally and socially would determine who I would become.  Today I could care less whether we go to Hawaii or the Texas coast on vacation because it is about the people that journey with me that will make the trip worthwhile.  I have found the same to be true of my life as a banker.

This year I celebrate 50 years of life, 31 years with Jefferson Bank, and 21 years of marriage.  I have had the honor and privilege of working with some of the finest community bankers in the business over this time and still have that honor today.  I have been mentored by people that have been dedicated and passionate about what they do.  I like to think that this has given me the same conviction in my own work ethic.  Jefferson Bank is an independent family owned bank that has been in business since 1946.  There are a lot of good bankers across the state of Texas but many who have not been blessed to stay at one institution for the length of time that I have been here.  I’m lucky because I got hooked up with an institution that continues to be managed by a family and staff who are ethical, compassionate, and smart business people.

Several years ago I was encouraged to join the Young Bankers Division with IBAT by the President of our bank at that time.  I really did not get actively involved until I was no longer a “Young Banker”, but once again I have had the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends who are passionate about their profession and have incredible work ethics.  The IBAT staff is proud to represent community banks across the state of Texas.  They are focused on the livelihood of independent community banking in the state of Texas.   It is important to have friends in business as well as our personal lives. IBAT and the IBAT Leadership Division continue to attract bankers that understand the value of associations, because it matters who you’re with.

Good friends introduced my wife and I.  It is a union that has blessed us both with two beautiful children and has made me a better person.  I think that my wife would agree with at least 50% of that statement.

I wish that I could take credit for all of these wonderful associations in both my professional and personal life but I cannot.  My faith has taught me that God is always watching over me and has placed all of these wonderful friends, mentors, and business associates in my path, but we have a responsibility to make right choices as well.  IBAT and the IBAT Leadership Division are part of those right choices because the journey is so much better if you are traveling with the right people!