IBAT Dine and Demo Series

2017 Dine and Demo Series

We have heard from bankers - there are a million demands on their time.  We have heard from product/solution providers - they can't capture bankers' attention to help them understand what they have to offer.  What's the solution - an innovative lunch hour presentation that allows key bank staff to see a variety of company presentations in a compressed time period. 

There is no cost for IBAT member bankers to attend. 

Dates for IBAT's Dine and Demo Program in 2017 are:

October 24, 2017 Banker Registration Demo Company Sign Up
All Dine and Demo webinars will take place from Noon-1:00 p.m.

Why Bankers Should Participate:

The next great partner in helping your bank meet its strategic objectives might have a message buried in your inbox.  With all of the demands on community bankers, no one has time to take a meeting with every product/service provider.  IBAT's Dine and Demo series will allow you to have key bank staff view brief product pitches with no cost to you and no time out of the bank.  Want more information from a provider?  You get to initiate a request for follow up. 

Why IBAT Associate Members Should Participate:

In a recent survey, Texas community bankers cited the lack of time as one of their primary aversions in responding to requests from vendors for a meeting.  The IBAT Dine and Demo webinars are intended to give bankers access to more information about companies’ products and services on their time.  With condensed seven-minute presentations, bankers will have the chance to learn about companies they might not otherwise have time to meet with in their bank, or via a full product demo.

The cost for IBAT Associate Members to participate with a demonstration is $595.  Nonmembers of IBAT may participate for $995, subject to approval by the association.