Fun Fact Friday

We all know that crime doesn't pay, but perhaps the more
appropriate saying would be "Crime doesn't pay very much."  This,
according to a new research study conducted by economists in the United States
and the UK. 

Published in the journal Significance,
the study claims that US bank robbers made out with an average of $4,330
per person.  British robbers did slightly better, averaging £12,706 (about
$20,000).   At that rate, it would take three successful bank
robberies for a single-bank robber to surpass a poverty-level income as defined
by the United States
Department of Health and Human Services

"Given that the average UK wage
for those in full-time employment is around £26 000, it will give him a modest
lifestyle for no more than 6 months. If he decides to make a career of it, and
robs two banks a year to make a sub-average income, his chances of eventually
getting caught will increase: at 0.8 probability per raid, after three raids or
a year and a half his odds of remaining at large are 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.8 = 0.512;
after four raids he is more likely than not to be inside. As a profitable
occupation, bank robbery leaves a lot to be desired," the researchers