As branches of the federal government wrestle with the
future of healthcare in America, others in the private sector are looking for
actual solutions to tackle burgeoning costs.  Yesterday, The Kempton Group
Administrators Inc., sister company of The Kempton Company (administrator of
the IBAT-endorsed Advantage
Health Plans Trust
), was
for doing just that.

The praise came for the company's Premier Provider
program, which identifies healthcare providers that offer transparent,
greatly-reduced, all-inclusive cash prices, often resulting in up to 70% cost
reduction for certain procedures.  Providers
allow Kempton's participants to access this pricing, because the benefit plans
are self-funded.   Reduced pricing, however, is not just a
benefit enjoyed by the self-funded benefit Plan, as
participants using a Premier Provider incur no out-of-pocket cost for
procedures.   As a result, claims are
paid at 100% and quickly.

"Most people don't realize that for many
procedures and treatments, there can be up to a 400% variance in cost between
providers of healthcare, regardless of the quality of that care," said Jay
Kempton, President & CEO of The Kempton Group Administrators. "Being
aware of these differences and consciously making better healthcare purchasing
decisions is one of the most important steps towards bending the cost

The Kempton Company's innovative solution was
recognized by the HCC
Life Insurance Company
, which highlights new trends and approaches employed
by insurance administrators to contain costs.