Recovery Plan

IBAT Services is pleased to announce that IBAT Endorsed Service Provider Diebold Nixdorf has activated a recovery plan for service demands in affected areas of Hurricane Harvey to ensure safety and to facilitate a rapid restoration of service. These actions are taken to ensure seamless recovery of all branch operations in the affected areas and are applicable to both direct and indirect Diebold Nixdorf customers.  

Our actions include: 

  • Ensuring full technician availability around locations affected by flooding, so they are available to assess damage and prioritize recovery efforts, once it is safe to do so; 
  • Mobilizing technicians from nearby areas and volunteers from other regions to manage assessment and recovery efforts;
  • Staging parts and equipment and coordinating expedited parts shipments to necessary areas; 
  • Ensuring availability of appropriate personal protective equipment to deal with flooding; and
  • Executing a flexible crisis management strategy that brings together various areas at Diebold Nixdorf to perform a coordinated response.

As we respond to the storm's impact and talk with customers and local employees, our strategy remains flexible to address specific concerns within the area. Diebold Nixdorf remains focused on its disaster recovery efforts, so stay tuned for updates. 

You can contact us at 1-800-DIEBOLD (1-800-343-2653) to get immediate, 24/7 support right now, or reach out to us through our online contact form.

We care about you and your customers, and we want to get you fully operational as soon as possible. Diebold Nixdorf and the staff at IBAT Services will be there as long as it takes to make sure that happens.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me at 512-783-4776 or