After the Storm

It has been a trying week for us all and we know that many of you are still grappling with the challenges related to the historic weather event this week. Our team remains "off" today as they are addressing their own ongoing challenges. However, it is a new day and we are all pleased at the prospect of thawing out over the weekend.

As we all dig out and thaw out, we know this is the time that property damage will be unveiled. With these challenges in mind, now seems like a good time to pass along best practices as you navigate insurance claims in the days ahead.

  1. If you uncover a claims situation at your bank's facilities, and you are insured by IBAT Financial Services, please call Carol Troy on her cell phone at 512-826-5910.
  2. If you experience water damage from broken pipes, turn the water off as quickly as possible to mitigate further damage. You may also cover broken windows or holes in your roof if possible. Save all receipts for these expenses.
  3. Report claims to your agent. Take photos and videos of the damage and clean-up. The Texas Department of Insurance also recommends that you keep a list of all damaged property and do not throw away anything until your insurance company tells you to. When providing the damage information to your agent, be sure to include the name, cell phone number and email address of the individual who will be responsible for communicating with the insurance company, in the event the adjuster needs to contact them outside of bank hours.
  4. Save your invoices and receipts for any supplies you have purchased.
  5. If you hire a contractor, be sure to use reputable contractors and plumbers.
  6. Keep a list of everyone you talk to at your insurance company.
  7. Be aware that a storm of this magnitude will easily overwhelm the insurance company adjuster resources as well as plumbers and contractors. Once you have reported the claim to your agent or insurer, be patient. Adjusters will be working overtime to get to your claim and get it resolved.

Carol Troy will join "Ask IBAT Anything" next Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. to answer any questions you might have about winter storm related claims. Click here to register for Ask IBAT Anything.

If there is any way that you feel the IBAT team can be of service to you and your community in the days ahead, please feel free to give me a call at 817-994-2088.