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These HMDA tools have been designed to assist you with HMDA data collection for 2018:

  • Customized data collection forms (in Excel form, with instructions) with all 110 HMDA fields.These forms include the regulation defined choices available for the user to make the correct selection for the transaction, minimizing error risk. This form also includes the S.2155 exemptions.
  • An enhanced version of the CFPB’s “Reportable HMDA Data: Regulatory and Reporting Overview Reference Chart,” with an additional column defining suggested documents/resources that the user could use to collect the data. An additional Excel spreadsheet is provided to allow the compliance officer to customize this form based on your bank’s policies and processes to ensure HMDA data collection consistency.

These resources, conveniently packaged for your use, are now available to purchase. You will receive the products in your email box approximately one hour after completing your purchase.

IBAT Member Price: $49  |  Non-Member Price: $99



Appraisal Toolkit

Our Appraisal Toolkit will help your bank create policies and procedures for your appraisal program. All documents are developed in commonly used formats to allow for easy edits and revisions.

The Appraisal Toolkit includes the following:

  • Guidance sheet (in Word)
  • Appraiser engagement letter (in Word)
  • Evaluation/extrapolation sample forms (in Excel)
  • Real estate evaluation/appraisal review worksheet (in Excel)

Click here to learn more. 

IBAT Member Price: $199  |  Non-Member Price: $250


Home Equity Lending Seminar Recording and Tools

This recorded series will allow you to experience the IBAT Home Equity Summit held January 2018. This live recording will include IBAT compliance staff, Kelly Goulart and Janie Daniel, as they participate with host Karen Neeley, IBAT General Counsel and Senior Attorney with Kennedy Sutherland LLP, for discussions on home equity lending. 

You can purchase the entire recording, or the parts listed below: 

  • Home Equity Lending - Full Bundle (includes all four parts) - $395/$495 (member/nonmember price)
    • Part 1 - Homestead basics including permissible liens, 65 min - $135/$145 (member/nonmember price)
    • Part 2 - Home Equity Lending basics, 55 min - $110/$120 (member/nonmember price)
    • Part 3 - Conclusion of Home Equity Basics, 97 min - $195/$205 (member/nonmember price)
    • Part 4 - Home Equity Lines of Credit, HELOCs, 26 min - $60/$70 (member/nonmember price)

Members save more than $100 when purchasing the full bundle which includes all four parts.


Beneficial Ownership Rule Webinar Recording and Tools

The Customer Due Diligence Requirements including the 'Beneficial Ownership' rules went into effect May 11, 2018. Under the final rule, a bank is required to adopt due diligence procedures that require identification and verification of a legal entity's beneficial owner(s) at the time of account opening.

In addition to the 'Beneficial Ownership' requirements, the rule added a 'fifth pillar' to four required tenets of a bank's anti-money laundering program. The requirement to establish risk-based procedures for conducting ongoing due diligence, including customer risk profiles, will have a major impact on your financial institution's anti-money laundering program.

Member Price: $195  |  Non-Member Price: $245


2018 Compliance Conference Handbooks

If you were not able to attend IBAT's Compliance Conference in August 2018, but are interested in the materials, they’re now available for purchase. In addition to the PowerPoint presentations, most sessions included additional resources as more than 100 pages of material were referenced each day. To order the guides from day 1 (lending), day 2 (general), and/or day 3 (operations) for $99 each, click below and follow the instructions at the top of the page in red.

Price: $99