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2/12/2013 Mergers & Acquisitions Managing Bank M&A in Today’s Market
M&A activity among community banks had a detectable pulse in 2012, but investors may have been waiting for 2013 and relative economic and political clarity to become more adventuresome. Some may continue to wait, but deals are happening today.
Joseph M. Ford,
Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford, LLP
2/11/2013 Healthcare Update on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("ACA")
As 2014 approaches, the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) looms closer than ever. The likelihood of repeal, even if possible, is diminishing.

Maria Robles Meyers, Esq., Advantage Health Plans Trust

9/26/2012 Business Resources Factoring from a Business Owner's Perspective
Factoring has been around for hundreds of years. Do you know everything there is to know, from the history to the process of factoring? 
Brenda Standlee, President, American Prudential Capital, Inc.
7/27/2012 Lending Analysis/Stress Testing Taking the Stress out of Stress Testing
Regulators are pushing new risk analysis tools, are you ready to stress test your loan portfolio?
Mary Ellen, Financial Writer at Sageworks, Inc.
6/15/2011 Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) 3.5 Reasons Why Banks Own BOLI
1 out of 2 U.S. banks include Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) in their game plan... should you?
William Granville, III, President & Managing Member of the Granville Financial Group
6/15/2011 Information Technology (IT) The Top Five Benefits of Server Virtualization
From data centers to desktops, [server] virtualization lets banks pool and share IT resources centrally and standardize computer deployment and resources so data is more secure...
Chris Sutherland, Network Engineer, Advanced, Matrix Network Services, a JHA solution
8/10/2011 Internet Security The 10 Best Strategies for Protecting Your Internet Banking Site
Due to the variety of methods employed by criminals, there is no single solution for keeping them at bay. It’s best to use a wide spectrum approach, with multiple layers of security. Here are the top 10 best ways to safeguard your website. Posted 8/10/2011
Pete Hopkins, General Manager, Internet Solutions, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
6/15/2011 Legal Services Class Action ATM Lawsuits – An In‐Depth Analysis
Once armed with the basic information on how this stratagem works, banks can take steps to avoid future liability. There also are ways to fight back if the bank is victimized by one of these “class Actions.”  
Thomas B. Alleman, Attorney, Cox Smith
8/9/2011 Profitability Enhancements Making Up Lost Income Continues to be a Major Challenge for Banks in 2011
Review your revenue options and choose what is best for your bank and your customers.
John M. Floyd, Chairman and CEO, John M. Floyd & Associates
6/15/2011  Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Despite Strong Demand, RDC Success Remains Elusive Among Financial Institutions
Despite growing demand for RDC solutions, many financial institutions have yet to deliver the right products and services to satisfy their customers.
Jeffrey C. Mack, Chairman & CEO, Cachet Financial Solutions 


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