IBAT Endorsed Provider PULSE Launches Durbin Amendment Resource Center

DurbinAs part of PULSE’s continuing effort to help financial institutions achieve greater success with their debit card programs, the company has developed an online resource center for information, news and analysis regarding the Durbin Amendment.

The site, www.pulsenetwork.com/debitregs, includes commentary from industry experts detailing the amendment’s potential Durbinimpact on banks and their account holders.  It also serves as a portal for breaking news, developments and webinars.  In addition, subject-matter experts share specific strategies for banks seeking to address the impact of the new regulations on their debit card portfolios.

The resource center contains links to the proposed rules on debit card interchange fees and transaction routing recently released by the Federal Reserve Board, along with a list of key Durbin Amendment provisions and questions that should be considered by all financial institutions.  Bank executives also can take advantage of resources compiled by a team of PULSE and third-party experts, including information to help banks navigate through these landmark regulatory changes.

Participation in the PULSE network is required for full access to the site.  Certain information and resources can be accessed without log-in credentials for the website.  The resource center demonstrates PULSE’s commitment to serving as a source of information and leadership on new debit card regulations.  For questions on the Durbin Amendment or for more information about the PULSE network, please contact John Fuller at 469-384-9363 (jfuller@pulsenetwork.com) or Mark Martin at 1-800-420-2122 (mmartin@pulsenetwork.com)