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September 15, 2016 D+H Mortgage Lending Market Analysis & Peer Benchmarks Gain valuable insight into the broader market performance and will be provided additional context around best practices in gaining online mortgage applications. D+H, provider of the industry leading MortgagebotPOS and MortgagebotLOS Solutions, has culled through all of its mortgage data from the Texas market and you'll also discover Texas specific mortgage benchmarks, key insights into demographics, credit, borrower activity and more.
May 5, 2016 AHPT Ensuring the Vendor You Choose is Aligned with Your Goals As a community banker dealing with regulatory burden, the operations of your bank and so much more on a daily basis, you have plenty taking up your time and energy. When it comes to you employee benefit decisions, you rely on experts to guide you. But how can you tell if those advisors are making the best decisions and meeting the needs of your employees?
June 29, 2015 CSI Social Media & Compliance: What Bank Communicators and Compliance Personnel Need to Know Your customers are talking up a storm on social media. Yet, many community banks hesitate to jump in the conversation due to fear of a compliance mishap. Those days, for your bank, are over. explore all sides of the evolving customer communication puzzle and ensure that your bank is communicating effectively‒and complying‒through social media channels.
June 9, 2015 StoneCastle Financial Corp. Strategic Capital Management One of the top concerns for community banks today is access to capital. In order to thrive under New Basel III capital rules and regulatory pressures, banks need capital to introduce new products and expand market share. StoneCastle Financial Corp. is uniquely positioned to provide Texas community banks with long-term, passive capital investments to support your bank’s strategic plans for growth and prosperity. Click here to download the presentation slides.
September 24, 2014 CSI

Social Media & Compliance: What Bank Communicators and Compliance Personnel Need to Know

Is there anyone left who isn't engaged in some form of social media? It is obviously no longer a fad, or only used by younger generations. Social media has captured the attention of the masses. The vast majority of consumers are now "social" and that is why financial institutions need to consider being social too. Facebook messages, tweets, blog posts, text messages, video...  this webinar explores all sides of the evolving customer communication puzzle and ensure that your bank is communicating effectively—and complying—through social media channels.
 October 16, 2012 AHPT Risk Categories and Your Rate Renewal Topics covered in this webinar include:
  • What Rate Buckets Are
  • What Your Bucket Means
  • What Factors Are Used To Determine Rate Buckets


  • How Rate Increases Are Calculated
  • Rate Bucket Quick FAQs
 August 14, 2012 AHPT  Compliance in Employee Benefits: Myth vs. Fact Learn what commonly held beliefs about employee benefits are myths and what the real story is! Jay Kempton and Maria Robles Meyers discuss a wide range of topics from PPACA myths to common employee benefit myths.
 May 15, 2012  AHPT Compliance in Employee Benefits: What Does Your Bank Need to Start Doing? What if you made a mistake in your compliance efforts? We're all human and mistakes do happen! In this next webinar, you will learn what to do if you find yourself in a compliance mess and how to keep it from happening again! Join Jay Kempton and Trust Counsel Maria Robles Meyers in this webinar on employee benefit compliance.
May 9, 2012 Promontory Introduction to ICS The FDIC insurance coverage rules have changed.  Are You Ready?  Now is a great time for bankers to get updated on FDIC insurance regulations and get the latest on FDIC insurance coverage from Joe DiNuzzo, an expert in FDIC insurance regulations.
March 30, 2012


Coffee & Conversation with Advantage Health Plans! Learn about AHPT’s new services and benefits!  Have you joined us in the past to learn about what AHPT can do for your bank?  They have added new and exciting benefits and programs for IBAT banks!
Topics include:
  • Comprehensive & Interactive Wellness Programs to fit every need
  • The Plan that Works for You – Services with no out-of-pocket cost available
  • Free Human Resource Services!

March 21, 2012

IBAT Services/enetrix

IBAT Compensation Survey

 IBAT has teamed up with enetrix, A Division of Gallup, Inc. to conduct a new online salary survey. Our goal is to provide Texas Community Banks with the most in-depth, useful salary and compensation information to grow and retain bank personnel. The online survey currently covers over 70 positions, ranging from Executive to Staff Compensation.
 March 6, 2012 AHPT Compliance in Employee Benefits: The Basics Reporting, Terminations, & Avoiding Discrimination