Sustaining Member


FDIC insured banks that do not meet the criteria of regular membership may be "Sustaining Members" with rights and privileges established by the Board of Directors, provided that such Sustaining Members may not:

  • Hold elective office;
  • Vote generally for the Board of Directors or officers of the Association;
  • Vote on provisions relating to Articles, Bylaws, or governing resolutions; or
  • Hold themselves out as regular members of the Association.


Dues for a Sustaining Member shall be based on the dues schedule for regular member banks (see Dues Policy). However, such dues shall not exceed $28,500. A single branch of a bank that does not qualify for regular membership may join as a Sustaining Member; dues shall be based on deposits of that branch as reported to the FDIC in the annual deposit report and shall otherwise be based on the regular membership dues schedule.


Other than the limitations described in Criteria above, Sustaining Members shall be entitled to the following rights and privileges of membership in the association: the right to receive member-only discounts from endorsed service providers, on educational programs and at the annual convention and any trade show sponsored by the association. Their officers, directors and employees are eligible to serve on association committees. Finally, they may participate in the various e-mail exchanges provided by the association. Sustaining Members shall receive the association magazine and such other publications as may be appropriate from time to time.

How to Join

We'll be happy to send you a comprehensive membership packet or arrange a visit from Darlene Revers, Member Engagement Manager. Call our membership department at 800-749-4228 or e-mail