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Breakout Sessions

Thursday, February 11
Breakout Sessions (10:45 AM – 11:45 AM)

Surviving the Ever-Changing Security Threat Landscape (Cybersecurity) - New cyber threats and malicious attack techniques emerge daily as businesses are under constant attack.  Advanced Persistent Threats, hacktivists, spambots and serious information breaches are prevalent around the world.  Companies need actionable intelligence that shows who your adversaries are, the tactics they use and the best ways to overcome them.  Learn about the current cyber threat landscape, the fastest growing attack vectors and sources of data breaches, and the best way to safeguard your business around the clock.

Kevin Jordan, Dell SecureWorks

Creating a Digital Strategy -

Transaction Trends/Evolution of Money – How have payments have changed over time, new trends that are happening or looming, and how they will affect the industry, and why.  Our presentation is geared to illustrate that the evolution of money happens for two reasons: convenience and security.  Based on those two items, banks will be more capable of knowing which technologies they should be concerned about, invest in, add to their product list, etc.

Shawn Dillon, First American Payment Systems

2016 Priorities in Community Bank Technology – Community bank boards have many options when considering how to invest the bank's technology budget. With insights garnered from IBAT's Technology Survey, this session will provide a glimpse into where your community bank peers are investing in the year ahead as well as helpful strategies to help you consider how to make the most out of your technology budget. 

David Kerstein, Peak Performance Consulting Group

Breakout Sessions (1:30 PM – 2:30 PM)

Breach Response Planning – What to do When You Have a Breach – There is no silver bullet approach to preventing a data breach, so having a plan ready to go if and when a breach happens is critical to successfully managing the crisis.  Acting quickly can help prevent further data loss and costly litigation.  We will discuss steps to take before an intrusion, what to do after an intrusion, and offer tips on what not to do following a cyber breach.

Lisa Micchiche, ABA Insurance Services

EMV Liability Shift: Where are you? (panel discussion) –

Turning the Spotlight on Your ERM Program - Regulators are putting Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) front and center in their exam approach. Many banks have been good at managing risks in silos, but not in the aggregate. Also, there are times when examiners and bankers differ in their assessment of the effectiveness of an institution’s risk management environment. And without a coordinated risk strategy, organizations will continue to struggle with repeated policy iterations before procedures and controls are aligned efficiently.

Joe Wheeler, CSI

Technology + Training = Consistent Growth – Data mine the “Big Data” stored in your core platform and produce actionable information for your banking associates.  Find cross-sell, retention and servicing opportunities and reach out to your customer base to help them get the most from your bank.  The key to consistent growth is combining technology with relationship building training. Learn about how one bank grew from 535M to more than 1.1B in assets in less four years by changing the way they connect with customers and prospects.   During this break out session you will learn how to upgrade your banking service culture to create a deposit, loan and wealth management growth engine.

Karl Keller & Matt Korosi, Quest Analytics

Friday, February 12
Breakout Sessions (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM)

The Federal Reserve in Pursuit of Payments Improvement - In January 2015, the Federal Reserve Banks released a paper entitled Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payments System. In pursuit of one of those strategies, the Fed has established a Faster Payments Task Force, to identify and evaluate alternative approaches for meeting end-user needs for faster authorization, clearing, availability of funds and settlement. This session will highlight the work of the 300+-person industry task force, as well as other efforts in support of the Strategies paper. The presenter will also set the work of the Task Force in the context of the industry’s preparations for Same-Day ACH (Phase I: Sept. 23, 2016) as well as other payments-industry initiatives in the realm of “faster payments.”

Matt Davies, AAP, CTP, Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas

IT Audit: Pitfalls and Success Stories – A comprehensive IT Audit is an opportunity to validate the Bank’s risk assessment process and network security posture.  It can also be a nightmare for the ill-prepared.  In this session, we’ll draw on Aporia Solutions’ extensive experience in community bank IT audit to provide real examples of common areas in which community banks with the best intentions can often fall short, as well as tips for nailing your next IT audit.  Some of the areas covered will include:

  • Vendor Management
  • Risk Assessments
  • Policy Creation and Maintenance
  • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Social Engineering

Kjerstin (KJ) Barley, Aporia Solutions

Self-Service or Teller: Myth or Fact?  Consumers would rather use self-service kiosks in bank branches than wait on a banker. Glory commissioned surveys to determine what customers WANT in branches vs what bankers HOPE they want! This data busts 5 myths about kiosks, tellers and universal bankers with FACTS. This is the ONLY data of its kind in the U.S. about branch self-service solutions.

Dan McGowan, Glory Global Solutions

Mobile Strategy – Wearables (Apple watch), Mobile App Use