Welcome to a True Texas Community Bank Program

True Texas Community Bank Window/ATM Decal

Decal dimensions: 3in (width) x 5.5in (height)

In an era in which government bailouts and “too big to fail” have become the new normal, it is clearer than ever that community banking is a separate and unique industry from the lumbering, customer service void Wall Street giants that call themselves banks.

IBAT is proud to serve and support the values of community banking exclusively and we’re proud to call you a member.

As a community banker, you serve the needs of the families that you call “friends” and “neighbors.” In our eyes, this makes you a “True Texas Community Bank.”

We invite every member to participate in the Welcome to a True Texas Community Bank Program by ordering decals for the entrance windows of your banks and ATMs. There is no limit to the number of decals you can order.