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On this page we have gathered together web sites that we hope might be of interest to community bankers.

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Banking Associations

American Bankers Association - ABA
National trade association providing advocacy and services for progressive community banks dedicated to strengthening America's communities.

Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma - CBAO
The Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma is an Alliance partner with the Independent Bankers Association of Texas. CBAO, a state community banking trade association based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is made up of independent state and national banks located in Oklahoma.

Independent Community Bankers of America - ICBA
The Independent Community Bankers of America (formerly the Independent Bankers Association of America) is the primary voice for community banks in the United States. ICBA is an advocate for some 5,000 community banks with 17,000 locations nationwide, representing the industry before Congress, regulators and the media.

Institute of International Bankers - IIB
The Institute, founded in 1966, is an association of over 200 banking organizations that operate in the United States and have their headquarters in 50 other countries.

Banking Information

Bank Holidays Of The World
Contains a list of bank holidays and other days when businesses are closed, by country.

FDIC Learning Bank
Educational resource aimed at children, Includes the history of banking and the FDIC.

Find An IBAT Member Bank NOW!
Search the IBAT Member listings for a Financial Institution that serves your community.

Job Bank
The IBAT Job Bank is an on-line "meeting place" for financial institution employers and job seekers. Use the links on this page to access the Job Bank Guidelines, post an available position, or, post a position wanted.

Nelson's Directory Of Investment Research
Nelson Information has been a leader in providing information and software to the global institutional investment community for over 25 years. Nelson's product line includes MarketPlace, proprietary databases, and a full line of comprehensive directories covering all facets of the institutional investment industry. Nelson Information is a division of Thomson Financial, a provider of information and technology solutions to the worldwide financial community.

The Banking Group
An informational portal.

Accuity Solutions
Accuity Solutions is a leading provider of data and software solutions for financial and corporate institutions worldwide. Accuity maintains the most authoritative and comprehensive database of financial institutions and information in the world. SourceMedia provides market information, including news, analysis, and insight to the financial services and related industries, through its publications, industry-standard data applications, seminars and conferences.

Thomson Global Banking Resource
IBAT Services Inc., in partnership with TFP, has made The Global Banking Resource available to IBAT members. By accessing the directory information online, you can be assured the most up to date information on financial institutions in Texas and Oklahoma - it's just a click away. Cost and usage information can be found on this page.

Banking Services

Asian Development Bank
Development finance institution (membership driven) engaged in promoting the economic and social progress of its developing member countries in the Asian and Pacific regions.

Conference of State Bank Supervisors
The nation's leading advocate for the state banking system, and the only national organization dedicated to advancing the state banking system.

Inter-American Development Bank
Makes loans to Latin American and Caribbean countries with development purposes.

TIB -- The Independent BankersBank
TIB is one of the nation's largest bankers' banks. Nearly 1,000 independent community financial institutions rely upon TIB for their correspondent banking needs every day.

The World Bank Group
The World Bank is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance. Its primary focus is on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries. Their site provides an overview of how the Bank uses its financial resources, its staff, and its extensive knowledge to help developing countries onto paths of stable, sustainable, and equitable growth.
Fraud Watcher Network
Internet Fraud, Mail Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Phishing, Phone Fraud.

Employment Law

Americans With Disabilities Act
The best government information available on ADA - this site has entire manuals available for downloading.
Department of Commerce
Department of Labor
The U.S. Department of Labor is charged with preparing the American workforce for new and better jobs. DOL is responsible for the administration and enforcement of over 180 federal statutes.
Economic Development Administration - EDA
The EDA provides grants for infrastructure development, local capacity building, and business development to help communities alleviate conditions of substantial and persistent unemployment and underemployment in economically distressed areas and regions.
Government Printing Office - GPO
Use this site to download federal government legal and regulatory publications.
Internal Revenue Service
Tax information for businesses.
Occupational Safety & Health Administration - OSHA
OSHA's mission is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.
Society for Human Resource Management - SHRM
SHRM is the leading voice of the human resource profession. They provide education and information services, conferences and seminars, government and media representation, online services and publications to more than 165,000 professional and student members throughout the world.
Tax Related Web Sites
If you need tax information, look here, because all those web sites are available as links on this site.
Texas Workforce Commission
This site offers a wide variety of articles pertaining to employment law.
Workforce Online
All about the Workforce community, a vast network of business-minded HR professionals.

Federal Reserve Resources

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - FDIC
Law, Regulations, Related Acts - Rules and Regulations.
Federal Open Market Committee Minutes
Find the date of the Open Market Committee meeting you are interested in and click on the link for the minutes of that meeting.
Federal Reserve Banks and Districts Map
Provides a map of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts and links to each of the Federal Reserve Banks.

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta         Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston         Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
        Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
        Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas         Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Federal Reserve Board
The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. The Federal Reserve's duties fall into four general areas: (1) conducting the nation's monetary policy; (2) supervising and regulating banking institutions and protecting the credit rights of consumers; (3) maintaining the stability of the financial system; and (4) providing certain financial services to the U.S. government, the public, financial institutions, and foreign official institutions.
Federal Reserve Board Reporting Forms
The Federal Reserve uses reporting forms to collect data from bank holding companies, depository institutions, other financial and nonfinancial entities, and consumers. Use of the forms is required in some cases, voluntary in others. Some data are collected periodically, others only occasionally. On this page you can access Federal Reserve Board Reporting Forms by category .
Federal Reserve Financial Services
Provides services to U.S. financial institutions, including accounting, ACH, book-entry securities, funds transfer, net settlement, and electronic access.
Small Business Administration
Tips on starting, expanding, and financing your business from the U.S. Government.
Southwest Economy
The Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana economies are constantly changing. The information and data the Dallas Fed publishes in Southwest Economy can help keep you current with agriculture, banking, energy, high technology, manufacturing and international trade in this region. Bimonthly.

Oklahoma Government Sites

Office of the Attorney General of Oklahoma
The Attorney General is charged with representing the state in all matters in which the state is a party or has an interest.
Office of the Governor of Oklahoma
The Oklahoma Governor's site has information on issues and initiatives, press releases, meetings, etc.
Office of State Finance
The Office of State Finance is charged with responsibilities ranging from producing the Governor's Executive Budget, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, reporting monthly state revenue, partner in implementing "CORE Oklahoma," the state's new financial, purchasing and human resources system, overseeing Oklahoma government's largest Internet Service Provider "Onenet," and managing the state's internet portal,
Oklahoma Capitol Complex Map
Capitol Complex, Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry
The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, & Forestry site has information on Agriculture Laws & Rules, Agriculture Statutes, AgriInfo, and more.
Oklahoma Department of Insurance
The mission of the Oklahoma Insurance Department is to serve and protect the insurance buying public. This will be accomplished by assuring that consumers have available a solvent insurance market, a well-educated industry from which to purchase insurance, and by providing high-quality policyholder service and education. To this end, the Department will enforce the insurance laws and regulations of this state impartially and expeditiously.
Oklahoma House of Representatives Media Center
Oklahoma House of Representatives
Oklahoma State Banking Department
Oklahoma State Government Online
Oklahoma State Senate
Oklahoma Legislature Bill Tracking
State Comptroller's Office
The site has information on Accounting & Financial Reporting, Transaction Processing, DCAR Newsletters, Forms and contact numbers.
Your Oklahoma
Oklahoma State Agency directory site.

Oklahoma Sites of Interest

National Cowboy And Western Heritage Museum
Celebrate the cowboy and the art and history of the American West. Eleven galleries highlight the contribution and the mythology fo the American cowboy through exhibits and sculptures.
Oklahoma City Attractions
Links to Oklahoma City attractions.
Oklahoma City Map
Celebrate the cowboy and the art and history of the American West. Eleven galleries highlight the contribution and the mythology fo the American cowboy through exhibits and sculptures.
Oklahoma City National Memorial And Memorial Center Museum
Official site for this memorial describes the symbolism of its elements, provides a biography of its architects, and presents a guide for visitors.
Oklahoma Sooners Online
Official athletic site for the University of Oklahoma Sooners.
Will Rogers Memorial Museum

Online Banking Info

Please Note:  Below you will find links to information about online banking. If you are interested in finding a company that specializes in setting up online banking systems we recommend using a search engine and calling up internet banking and/or online banking as your search criteria or, you can use the IBAT Vendor Searchable Database. As your search criteria (in the Search by the product/service field) type in Internet Banking (Endorsed Providers are denoted with a Yes in the Endorsed column).
FundsXpress Internet Banking
Provides Banks with a cost-effective Internet banking solution featuring account access, bill payment, transfers, and more.
OCC Electronic Banking Information
OCC information on Internet Banking activities.
Online Banking Report
The Online Banking Report is a monthly financial services industry newsletter for home banking decision makers. It provides advisory services to budget-minded financial services executives involved with Internet banking, PC banking, Web-based information delivery, and electronic customer service.

Texas Government Sites

Capitol Complex Maps And Floor Plans
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Texas state tax info is available here, and, you can access the Comptrollers' Tax Policy News as well.
Department of Agriculture
Department Of Banking
Department of Insurance
Office of the Attorney General
Office of the Governor
Texas State House of Representatives
Texas State House of Representatives Video/Audio Live and Archived Broadcasts
Note: To access audio or video broadcasts, the RealPlayer software from Real Networks is required to be installed. This software can be acquired at Real Networks' website, Follow the installation instructions included with the RealPlayer software. Video broadcasts are best viewed with 28.8 or 56K modems.
Texas Legislature Online
Texas State Senate
Texas State Senate RealMedia Live Broadcasts
Note: To access audio or video broadcasts, the RealPlayer software from Real Networks is required to be installed. This software can be acquired at Real Networks' website,  Follow the installation instructions included with the RealPlayer software. Video broadcasts are best viewed with 28.8 or 56K modems.
The Big Texas State Government

Texas Sites of Interest

Austin360 Calendar
Not sure what you want to do, or, what's happening? Use the Austin360 Calendar to find out what is going on in the capital city.
Austin Duck Adventures
When you want to tour Austin, the Duck (an amphibious military landing vehicle) is the best way to go. By land or by lake, Austin Duck Adventures make your visit fun and interesting. See when the flock takes off, tour maps, and pictures included on their web site.
Barton Springs Pool
Is it hot enough for you? Well, head on over to Barton Springs and cool off in the very refreshing - the pool is fed from under ground springs and is on average 68 degrees year round. While you are there you might want to wander on into Zilker Park - see below.
Congress Avenue Bridge Bats
Approximately 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats, the largest urban bat colony in North America, have made the underside of the Congress Avenue bridge their summer home. When the bat population is at its peak (in August the newborn bats, or pups, begin foraging with their mothers), it may take up to 45 minutes for the bats to make their exit from beneath the bridge. For up-to-date information call the Bat Hotline at 512/ 416-5700 - Category 3636.
Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center
Botanical garden with native plants of the Hill Country. Read a note from Ms. Johnson, take a virtual tour, or just find out how to get there.
Longhorns Football
Mac Brown's Texas Longhorns football site. Hook 'Em Horns!
South By Southwest - SXSW
SXSW Conferences and Festivals. This unique Austin experience fills the town with enthusiastic movie and music fans - and they don't go away dissatisfied. Premiers of new motion pictures, famous directors and actors making the scene, and hot Texas nights filled with the sound of live music make this event a definite 10.
Zilker Park
Zilker Park, a 351 acre park, is home to a variety of recreation opportunities and spec, ial events for the individual or the whole family. Young or old, you can enjoy a ride on the Zilker Ze, phyr miniature train and play on the large multi-age playscape. Hikers enjoy t, he hike and bike trails<, SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt">, and, for the complete park experience you can use the large ful, l-service picnic areas. F, or the swimmer, Zilker Park offers the Barto,, , n Springs Pool, a natural spring-fed pool with a yea, r-round average temperature of a refreshing 68 degrees. The sports enthusiast will enjoy the sand volleyball courts, a nine-hole Disc Golf Course, 9 Soccer Fields, 1 Rugby Field, 2 Multi-use Fields. The park is home to the Zilker Botanical Gardens, which includes the Taniguchi Oriental Garden and the Austin Area Garden Center. The Austin Nature and Science Center, which offers a wide variety of programs for children and adults, as well as the opportunity to explore the environment with hands-on exhibits, interactive nature and science trails and live Texas wildlife buzzing behind glass walls. The Zilker Hillside Theatre hosts concerts ranging from Jazz to Country. Additionally, the theatre is the site of the Zilker Summer Musical and Shakespeare in the Park. Bring a blanket to sit on the hillside and enjoy these events. The Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum is on the south end of the park. Home of the collection of work by sculptor Charles Umlauf. And with easy access to restaurants on Barton Springs Road on the way out of the park, what more could anyone want?

U.S. Government Sites

Congressional Budget Office - CBO
CBO provides the U.S. Congress with the objective, timely, nonpartisan analyses needed for economic and budget decisions and with the information and estimates required for the Congressional budget process. Its subject matter gives it a broad reach, reflecting the wide array of activities that the federal budget covers and the major role the budget plays in the U.S. economy.
Congressional E-Mail Directory
All Americans should be in contact with their elected officials. This directory makes it easy. Pick your state from the list on the left sidebar or search for your favorite Congressperson.
E-Gov (E-Government) uses improved Internet-based technology to make it easy for citizens and businesses to interact with the government, save taxpayer dollars, and streamline citizen-to-government communications. An e-gov at a glance chart is also available on their site.
Develops, coordinates, and defines ways that electronic and information technology business strategies, will assist the federal government to operate more effectively and efficiently, and deliver improved services to citizens. Provides consultation and advisory assistance on issues pertaining to electronic business, telecommunications and technology. Plans, develops, and directs governmentwide activities to support the Office of Management and Budget - OMB, interagency committees and other federal agencies. Participates in the development, analysis and evaluation of governmentwide technology issues, policies and legislation.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - FDIC
The FDIC's mission is to maintain the stability of and public confidence in the nation's financial system. To achieve this goal, the FDIC was created in 1933 to insure deposits and promote safe and sound banking practices.
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council - FFIEC
The Council is a formal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform principles, standards, and report forms for the federal examination of financial institutions by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and to make recommendations to promote uniformity in the supervision of financial institutions.
Federal Government Statistics
The purpose of this service is to provide easy access to current Federal economic indicators. It provides links to information produced by a number of Federal agencies. All of the information included in the Economic Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies. All the estimates for the indicators presented in the Federal Statistics Briefing Rooms are the most currently available values.
Federal Internet Guide
Federal Trade Commission - FTC
The Federal Trade Commission's job is consumer protection and a maintaining a competitive marketplace in the U.S.
The U.S. government's official web portal for all government transactions, services, and information. It provides direct online access to federal, state, local and tribal governments.
Government Information Locator Service - GILS
A sampler of information locators.
Housing and Urban Development - HUD
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is about closing costs and settlement procedures. RESPA is a HUD consumer protection statute designed to help homebuyers be better shoppers in the home buying process. RESPA requires that consumers receive disclosures at various times in the transaction and outlaws kickbacks that increase the cost of settlement services. RESPA is enforced by HUD. This site is the gateway to detailed information about all things RESPA.
Library of Congress, The
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 120 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. The collections include more than 18 million books, 2.5 million recordings, 12 million photographs, 4.5 million maps, and 54 million manuscripts. The Library of Congress is more than just a library.
National Information Center - NIC
The NIC site provides basic data retrieval -- including search functions -- for public information on all financial institutions.
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - OCC
The OCC charters, regulates, and supervises national banks to ensure a safe, sound, and competitive banking system that supports the citizens, communities, and economy of the United States.
Office of Thrift Supervision - OTS
OTS is the primary regulator of all federally chartered and many state-chartered thrift institutions, which include savings banks and savings and loan associations. OTS was established as a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury on August 9, 1989, and has four regional offices located in Jersey City, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco.  OTS is funded by assessments and fees levied on the institutions it regulates. This web site provides access to information about the agency's programs and activities.
Securities & Exchange Commission - SEC
The primary mission of the SEC is to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the securities markets. As more and more first-time investors turn to the markets to help secure their futures, pay for homes, and send children to college, these goals are more compelling than ever.
This site helps bring the smart card community to the public. Emphasis is on smart card policy, standards, interoperability, and education.
The White House
E-Mail, Mailing Address, and Phone Numbers for the President and the Vice President, as well as guidelines for receiving a greeting from the White House. Also included are guidelines for extending an invitation to the President, Vice President, Mrs. Bush, or Mrs. Cheney.
U.S. House of Representatives
Information on the United States House of Representatives, members of Congress, the Capitol, Congressional Committees, and more.
U.S. Senate
Information on the United States Senate, members of the Senate, the Capitol, Senate Committees, and more.

Useful Sites

ATM Locators:
American Express



ATM Marketplace News
Content includes daily news, weekly feature articles and other in-depth ATM industry coverage.
Bankers Online
BankersOnline is the banking industry's compliance, lending, security, operations, marketing, technology and ebanking information channel. On the BankersOnline site you will find compliance, e-banking, lending, marketing, operations, security, and technology information. They also have newsgroups that is very comprehensive - take a look at the Bankers' Threads.
Bank Strategist, The®
Stratis Technologies transforms data into strategic information for clients in the financial services industry.
The first search engine to focus specifically on financial-only content. Unlike other search technologies, FinanceWise doesn't aim to index the Internet in its entirety, only sites which possess content of interest to the financial world. Every topic, from risk management to syndicated finance and equities is indexed in depth, with the contents of each site evaluated by their editorial staff before sites are allowed into FinanceWise's search index.
Freedom of Information Act
The FOIA page (housed on the DOJ site) gives you access links for making a FOIA request.
We've all seen the commercials - you decide for yourself if this is a good bargain or just another teaser.
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
Here you can learn about the newest discoveries made by the Hubble Space Telescope.
The International Space Station
See what the astronauts see and learn all about. Check out the Gallery to see Malenchenko and Lu commemorate the 1,000th-consecutive day of human habitation on the ISS and a five-part video tour of the Station by Science Officer Ed Lu.
KnowX provides real-time access to billions of public records. Locate people, research businesses, and run background checks.
Lotto Texas Results
Find out if you are richer than rich - every Wednesday and Saturday.
Their motto is More Travel For Less.
Online street-to-street directions and map service. And, it's not just for long trips - you can find out how to get across town too!
Microbanker Online
Financial industry portal for buying software, hardware and technologies for banking, trading and electronic commerce.
The Money Page
The net's consumer guide to investment, banking, and finance.
National Archives and Records Administration - NARA
Archival information locator for the Archives of the United States.
Have you ever dreamed of going on safari? This site offers a comprehensive resource for researching, planning and booking your safari to Africa. You'll find detailed descriptions for more than 100 trip itineraries, 15 African countries, over 300 safari camps, lodges and hotels, maps, travel tips, wildlife, the best time to travel, game parks and more!
Rec. Travel Library
Personal travelogues and worldwide tourist information.
Stock Exchanges:
American Stock Exchange

Chicago Board of Trade

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Texas Business
Texas business news updated daily. Site includes a list of the top 100 companies in Texas and links to all web sites.
Texas Tomorrow Funds
Texas now offers two college savings plans that can make it easier than ever for you to save for college: The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (formerly the Texas Tomorrow Fund) locks in the cost of tomorrow's college tuition and required fees at today's prices. Plan benefits are protected by a constitutional guarantee from the State of Texas. Anyone may purchase a Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan contract, but either the parent/guardian or the beneficiary must be a Texas resident. Enrollment is now closed for all but newborns. Also available is the Tomorrow's College Investment Plan, managed by Enterprise Capital Management, Inc., which offers 20 different investment portfolios, tax-free growth of your investment and tax-free withdrawals on earnings used for qualified higher education expenses.
Virus Hoaxes
Provides a list of the viruses that DO NOT EXIST, despite rumor of their creation and distribution.
Your guide to aquariums and zoos around the world.

Please Note: IBAT has not even attempted to list all of the web sites that can be found that relate to a given topic or category. For a fuller and more comprehensive listing we recommend that you use a search engine to call up every web site available. IBAT uses links to other web sites in an effort to assist visitors in locating information on topics that might be of interest to them. IBAT cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by linked sites. Linking to another web site from IBAT does not constitute a site or product endorsement by IBAT or its employees.