Associate Membership

Associate members shall have the privileges of active membership except the protective benefits and the right to vote or hold elective office. The benefit package has an estimated annual value of over $5,000.
Associate members are companies (not individuals) that offer products and services to the banking industry.
How to Join
Submit an application along with two community bank customer references (or if you are new to community banking, two customer references) along with a check for the dues based on the number of employees in your company as listed under "Dues" at the top of this page. IBAT will verify the references, and then the IBAT Executive Committee will review the application. Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a Welcome Packet.
Correspondent Associates
FDIC-insured banks that do not meet the criteria for regular membership and are offering correspondent banking services in the State of Texas could apply to become Correspondent Associates in the association.  
  • 1-10 employees = $995
  • 11-200 employees = $1,195
  • 201-499 employees = $1,395
  • 500+ employees = $1,995

The following Associate Members demonstrated tremendous support of the community banking industry through engagement in IBAT in 2018. As such, they will be celebrated as Five*Star Associate Members throughout the year. One company of each size will be selected as a Five*Star Award winner later this year.  Awards will be presented at the Connecting Leaders Conference in Frisco this June.

Since 2002, IBAT has honored our Associate Members with the IBAT Five*Star Award, recognizing those companies that routinely provide not just excellent service, but innovative solutions that help community banks grow faster, enhance profits, gain efficiency and SHINE through:

  • Service excellence that provides community banks with the support they can depend upon;
  • Human relationships based upon trust, respect and strong working relationships;
  • Integrity that meets the high standards banks have a right to expect from their trusted suppliers;
  • Never-ending commitment to the success of the community banking industry; and
  • Exceptional value for the products and services provided.

To qualify for the IBAT Five*Star Award, an associate member must earn enough engagement points by being involved in IBAT events throughout the prior year. For 2019, qualifying engagement scores for Five*Star Associate Member status are listed below (this is based on the top 10% of the scores in each membership tier

2019 Five*Star Associate Members

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Accubranch Advantage Health Plans Trust BKD, LLP
Bank Advisory Group American National Insurance Company Briggs & Veselka
Catalyst Financial Company Bank Compensation Consulting FiTech Payments
J Keith Hughey Company The Bankers Bank PULSE
Kennedy Sutherland CalTech RSM, LLP
Outsource ATM Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas  
  Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford  
  John M Floyd & Associates  
  The Todd Organization  

Bankers will select the 2019 Five Star winners from this list. Awards will be presented at the Connecting Leaders Conference in Frisco this June.  IBAT is grateful to its 2019 Five ê Star Associate Members Thanks for your support!